Saturday, March 11, 2006

Step2CS Tips


In the past people had the opinion that CSA is a simple exam and most of the people who have done medical school in English language pass it easily! Well things have changed with the new Step2CS. So all of you who are going to take this exam please take it seriously and work hard preparing for the test.

Some quick tips-

Thoroughly practice/simulate say 10-15 cases in first aid or in Usmle world Q Bank-the idea is to be 'thorough'. Practice each aspect including writing up the case.

Try practicing with a partner –some quality practice is beneficial. Practice for maybe just 3 hours (quality time) with a friend.

Do common day to day questions patients ask in regular practice viz. Dr. will I die? Dr. I don’t have money for surgery? Dr. Do I have AIDS? (First aid/USMLE world are good resources)

Practice speaking slow (speed), clearly and politely loud (no squeaking). One very helpful tip can be recording your voice on the portable Sony voice recorder available for approximately forty dollars-it is money well spent!

Remember professional limits while answering questions- don’t even go to areas which are beyond doctor’s duties. Recommend a social worker- you don’t have to actually baby sit the patient’s children while they are in surgery (one extreme example)! Don’t make a fool of yourself!

Be confident- act like a careful and gentle doctor!

Never forget to make the patient comfortable, and don’t get rushed by a patient. Don’t get over burdened by mnemonics. Remember you just have fifteen minutes of which three or so minutes will be consumed making you and the patient comfortable. Also offering the patient a sheet or asking if the patient needs water is a good idea to establish rapport.

All centers have extra white coats extra stethoscopes in case you forget- just be there on time! Be courteous, talk to your neighbors (during the breaks!) a little bit, and keep some mints. And don’t I repeat DON’T cheat or talk during the test or discuss case. Keep the "part-ay" off your mind till your test is over!

ALL the best.


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Very useful tips on USMLE.

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