Sunday, June 11, 2006

Step 3 Golden Rules

Step 3 Golden Rules

1. Practice the FSMB CD many times.
2. Get familiar with the CCS software.
3. Do USMLE World MCQ portion twice- make notes to revise the important points.
4. Read the D/D portion and investigations to order nicely for CCS prep. Do not cram all cases, have an idea about possible diagnoses (USMLE World CCS) and their presentations.
5. During the test take care while ordering tests-asking for EKG alone won’t suffice. You have to write stat/same day-otherwise the chest pain patient will get an EKG next day.
6. The test is very intense (especially the first day), relax a lot before the test and keep your calm during the test.
7. Don’t waste time on any one question- time management really helps.


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